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Primary Volatility

For a smart businessman Donald Trump is a horrible politician. His campaign flamed out quickly because it was foolishly focused on the citizenship issue and was easily dispensed.  He has never held political office. He is all show and ego

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Political Amateur Hour

On the road today I listened to Donald Trump on Cavuto.  He said that HE would decide if the Republicans chose the right candidate, and if they did not that he may enter the race as a third party candidate. 

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The Proper Political Narrative

I do not remember a vetting of political candidates as tough as the what have seen.  This is a good thing.  Romney is like the prom date that was second choice.  You dance and smile at him, but secretly glance

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Random Notes 10.22.2011

Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit was finally released in exchange for 1027 Palestinian terrorists and captured cold blooded murderers.  One should be reminded that Schalit was kidnapped on Israeli soil.  Many have weighed in on whether the exchange was worth the

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Random Thoughts 10.09.2011

Preaching that this is not class warfare generally precedes a volley in the self destructive attacks on the wealthy.  It is like the shyster who precedes a dishonest act with “trust me.” There was some news of some of the

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Random Political Thought 05 14 2011

Newt and Mitt are the old Republican Party.  There are those Republican that think that we need less government and then there are those that think we still need lots of government power; it just needs to be in their

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