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Perpetuating Hate

Reilly notes that the sheer number of false hate crimes is significant and it began before Trump. This desire of the progressive left to relive the social justice victories of the civil rights era of the 1960’s creates a bigger demand for hate crimes than we can supply. They wish to continue fighting a war they have long won.  The are like the Japanese soldiers stranded on a Pacific Island unaware the war is over.

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Thank You Jussie Smollet

This is a result of identity politics that values victimhood over truth and understanding. This is the result of hate crime legislation that worries more about  hate  than crime, and values virtue signaling more than justice.

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Fake Hate and Phony Emergencies

“The purpose of emergencies — and, especially, phony emergencies — is to empower partisans and advocates and people with power to overrule those institutions in the pursuit of their own immediate parochial goals, whether those include a wall along the southern border or a mandatory seminar on “rape culture” at Yale. “

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Hate Fraud

These fraudulent hate crimes, however, are disturbing.  It is a byproduct of an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality that is dangerous.  Such fraud undermines their objective and it casts a suspicion over claims that may be legitimate.

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Ad Hominem Politics

A gem from Kevin Williamson at National Review, Fake Hate Crimes: The Left, particularly in the English-speaking world, has been in intellectual crisis since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Left’s last really big idea was Communism. (Bernie Sanders would

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An Impediment to Justice

Hate Crime legislation adds another dimension to a crime that is unwarranted.  The racialization of Zimmerman’s killing of Treyvon Martin brought race as an issue.  Without that issue as a wedge the political play was absent.  Our obsession with race is

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