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Steering #MeToo into Destruction

“Once #MeToo became an arm of the progressive political movement, as witnessed by the Kavanaugh debacle, it lost credence as a movement of righteous indignation whose targets were mostly contrite predators. “

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How to Kill the #MeToo Movement

Corroborating witnesses, due process, and timely reporting are still necessary.  This is difficult in such matters because the abuse is usually committed in private.  But without these norms guilt and innocence become arbitrary and the entire legal system become a tool for personal and political abuse. Yes, some of the guilty will go free and unpunished, but that is a price we pay for the presumption of innocence.

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“I Don’t Like the Republicans, but I Can’t Stand the Democrats”

The 2018 midterms are an important test.  Was the humiliating loss of Hillary to Trump only because of her incompetence and corruption or is the party itself out of touch?  The House races are the first opportunity to begin recovering from this loss. If the Democrats fail to take the House, it will be a far more devastating defeat than losing to Donald Trump.

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The Democrats’ Destruction of #MeToo

These movements gained a power that is too seductive.  Like any power that is poorly defined it is subject to abuse as the Senate Democrats have proven.  By hijacking the #MeToo movement in their shameless pursuit of political power they have destroyed the movement’s credibility.

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Sex and Power

This leads to the true motivation.  This is about sexual abuse, but sex is just the instrument. The motivation is the ultimate aphrodisiac: power.  These abusers on the left and the right indicate they can not be trusted with power.  Their thrill is the use of power.

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The Fading Virtue Signal

from Sanctimony Bites Weinstein Democrats by Holman Jenkins in The Wall Street Journal: OK, hypocrisy is a price we pay for civilization. Politicians and Hollywood types especially are in the business of faking sincerity. Yet there is one thing about

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