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We Have Only Seen the Tip of the Iceberg

With all of the claims for diversity the one they need the most is intellectual diversity.  It is fine to discuss critical theory and Marxism but not without the balance of constitutional democracy and free markets.  It is shameful when graduates have studied Howard Zinn, Karl Marx, or Ibram Kindi but have never heard of Gordon Wood, Friedrich Hayek, or Thomas Sowell.  Hiring practices should seek a far more balanced faculty.

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Finally Reaching Their Moment of Shame

“If a member of an oppressor class says something edgy, it is a form of violence. If a member of an oppressed class commits actual violence, it’s speech.”

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Guilded Colleges

from The New York Times, Stop Universities From Hoarding Money by Victor Fleischer excerpt SAN DIEGO — WHO do you think received more cash from Yale’s endowment last year: Yale students, or the private equity fund managers hired to invest the

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An Elizabeth Warren Reader

The First blow to the Democratic majority was the election to fill the Senate seat of Ted Kennedy which was surprisingly won by Republican Scott Brown.  In the regular election the Democrats are trying to retake the seat with the candidacy of

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A False Sense of Intellectual Superiority

In The American Spectator (online version) Boston University Professor Angelo Codevilla writes “America’s Ruling Class- And the Perils of Revolution” (July – August 2010 issue).  I recommend reading the entire article  (about 22 pages printed). It is well worth the

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Open and Closed Institutions

“I have been part of five institutions- the Catholic Church, The university of Redlands, the United States Navy, The University of Chicago, and Harvard University. If I were required to rank them to the extent to which free and uninhibited

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