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Avenue for Bad Behavior

“They’ll condemn the pope for the silliness of organized religion, but then later they tell us we should understand those who—in the name of religion—want to kill us. They’ll order us to “question authority,” then they’ll parrot the latest left-wing…

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Selective Outrage

“How funny is it that gay activists stay away from black churches; it’s the same hypocrisy you see with the animal rights group PETA. They’ll throw paint on a white guy wearing ostrich boots, but they’d never do that to…

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Starbucks Socialists- HKO Political Notes 2012 03 14

Many probably share the exhaustion with a political campaign that constantly strays from relevance.  I do not know how much of this is just the reality of a modern campaign, incompetence of the candidates,  loss of control  of the process,…

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