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Abandonment of Common Sense

Half of Trump supporters like his anti-elite, control the narrative, fearless and aggressive posture.  Half of his supporters have great problems with his style, lack of diplomacy, thoughtless tweets, and divisive rhetoric; but fear the radical ideas that are pouring from the barrel of Democratic candidates like liberal tourettes.

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2020 Election Questions

The country can recover much more quickly from a bad character than from bad ideas with wide support. Will the independents have more to fear from the radical elements within the Democratic party and their bad ideas than they have to fear from Trump’s flawed character? That may be the central question in the 2020 election.

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Liberal Tourette’s

These ideas frighten reasonable people and the sheer number and rate of their release will be hard to overcome if they wish to attract that middle third that decides election outcomes. Being seen as unserious and reckless with ideas will not engender the trust to retain political power.

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The Dirty Harry School of Trump-splaining

“Most voters, admirably or not, do not always believe that their president must be morally perfect to do good, but only that, in practical terms, he must at least appear better than the alternative. “

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Petty Tyrants in College Have Moved Into Congress

In college they were deferred to with respect they did not earn or merit. Now they have power and it has gone straight to their woefully underused brains. We have replaced thoughtful policy with juvenile unicorns like the Green New Deal. We are now in the “cheap seats”. How can we be surprised today to see what tolerating these petty tyrants in college has led to? What you tolerate you teach.

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Hatred and Glory

“The disastrously unsuccessful social experiment of the early 21st century has been attempting to substitute hundreds or thousands of superficial and transitory instant relationships for genuine community and family, which require time and a different kind of effort to cultivate.”

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