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Political Greed and Crony Capitalism

Ever since Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street declared “Greed is Good” capitalism has been cast in a sinister role that it has yet to overcome. The movie speech was rumored to be taken from a

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The New Normal

We tend to look at our economy as a diversion from the norm after a record financial set back.  But the economy we are in may well be closer to the norm. The former economy was distorted by government policies

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What Did Not Cause the Financial Collapse

With the clarity of time we can look back at the brink of the collapse that hit us just prior to the last national election.  In the midst of the collapse we were stunned and angry, and tended to blame

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A Moral Culprit

There are those who see our financial problem as a moral failure. In one sense it is, but not in the sense those who wish to frame it in moral tones believe. To blame greed for the meltdown is simplistic

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Iron Bubbles

My first article published at American Thinker– The iron law of bubbles excerpts: But this same infatuation with talent can be attached to more than money; it can be attached to power.  With capitalism struggling to recover from yet another

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