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Questions of Civility

This picture of the Occupy Wall Street crowd shows a picture of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein with his head on a stick. Where is the call for civility from our leaders?  How would such a display have been covered…

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Which Rich?

It is just when you hear the words that “this is not a war on the wealthy” that you can expect exactly that. During the Clinton years they put a cap on the wages of corporate executives. Only the first…

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Buffet’s Sweet Goldman Deal

While the players and regulators were struggling to get investors to commit capital to the major banks to avoid a meltdown, Warren Buffet was called upon several times.  He consistently turned them down because the assets were too complicated to…

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Critiquing Populists

David Broder writes a great piece in the New York Times, The Populist Addiction excerpt: It’s easy to see why politicians would be drawn to the populist pose. First, it makes everything so simple. The economic crisis was caused by…

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