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Financial Myths

from Forbes Five Years Of Dodd-Frank: ‘Too Big To Fail’ Still Unresolved by Norbert Michel excerpt: The notion that these transactions took place in some shadowy, hidden room of finance, where regulators had no clue what was going on, is

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How to Make a Problem Worse

As a result of the depressed economy the difference in income between whites and minorities have widened. While the most shrill will find this to be clear testament to the inherent racism in the GOP, the reality is that both

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Falling Through the Financial Cracks

When those who point fingers seek blame for the financial crisis of 2008 (we are yet to have an official historical name for this disaster) the common refrain is deregulation of the financial industry, but some examination seems to be

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Deregulating Glass-Steagall

The Glass-Steagall Act was passed in 1933 in response the Crash of 1929.  It built a wall of separation between investment banking and commercial banking. It sought to isolate the purpose of providing loans for mortgages and small businesses from

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What Did Not Cause the Financial Collapse

With the clarity of time we can look back at the brink of the collapse that hit us just prior to the last national election.  In the midst of the collapse we were stunned and angry, and tended to blame

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Reckless Regulating

We clearly need financial reform. Yet Obama’s reckless, populist, anti-business pronouncements only serve to harden the prevailing attitude that business growth and job generation is just too risky. Financial reform should be thoroughly vetted and discussed in the appropriate House

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