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A Brief History of the Great Depression

From George Melloan at the Wall Street Journal,  Whoever Wins, Capitalism Will Survive: The seeds of the Depression were planted with the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916, in a two-year interval in which President Woodrow Wilson had a compliant Democratic Congress.…

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Distrusting Democracy

from the Wall Street Journal, George Melloan’s Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0 Ms. Mayer is highly selective about which super-wealthy dabblers in politics she wants to expel. Warren Buffett, whose $62 billion fortune ranks second only to that of Bill Gates($76 billion), is not…

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Government Chemotherapy

From George Mellaon at the WSJ, Rewriting the Economic Rules: The point, for Mr. Reich, is a familiar one: We are ruled by big business. The granule of truth in that claim has sustained progressive politics for decades, harking back…

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Financial Regulation: The Solution is the Problem

George Melloan writes in The Wall Street Journal,  The Lessons of Basel’s Bean Counters Summarized: In 1988 the banking regulators from  20 leading industrial nations of the International Monetary Fund met in Switzerland and created Basel I to create a…

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