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The Other Friction Costs

While tax relief is in the spotlight, we have underestimated the other friction costs, the regulatory growth that wastes valuable economy growing and job creating resources. The stock market boom happened because the beating stopped.

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Known and Unknown Risks

No government policy can remove the risk of investment; the best they can do is not add to the risks by adding uncertainty to the environment. The reason that strangers from all over the country will congregate to a blackjack

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Demand, Risk, and Friction Costs

Government economists justify stimulus as an effort to reinforce demand when the private demand volume is insufficient to maintain growth.  But demand varies by industry and is often only a partial explanation of the incentive to invest.  Stimulus policies assume

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Beyond a Tipping Point

Politicos like to focus on a single factor and discuss the effectiveness and the justice.  But an economy is the sum total of all the policies.  It is popular from the left to decry the Bush tax cuts as if

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A Game of Inches

The debates in the class war classifies wealth in the extremes.  We hear about Wall Street billionaires and the unemployed but we miss the vast majority in the middle. We sometimes refer to them as the working wealthy.  Most small

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