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Is The Debate Really Over?

My biggest disappointment at the Freedom Fest was the great Global Warming Debate moderated by Michael Medved. While they brought up credentialed scientists to debate both sides, the format lacked seriousness and clarity. How much that AGW is used for…

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Gary Johnson

The Freedom Fest in Las Vegas is a gathering of investment libertarian interests assembled by investment adviser and PhD Economist Mark Skousen. The participants and speakers range from typical conservatives to a group I refer to as the liberty geeks…

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Does Honesty Matter?

Returning from Freedom Fest in Las Vegas.  One of several good presentations was from Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who is one of the most grounded and brightest stars on the Conservative horizon. The  Wall Street Journal quoted Ben Sasse on the…

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Political Inactivism

Kevin Williamson is probably one of the most excerpted writers on Rebel Yid.  I was fortunate to meet him lat year at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. He has a creative and unconventional way of viewing the great debates. He…

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