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The Point of an Economy

From Deirdre McCloskey in Reason Magazine, The Myth of Technological Unemployment When a Ford plant installed robots, Walter Reuther, a long-ago president of the United Auto Workers union, is said to have asked a manager: “How are you going to get

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Better Economic Policy Trumps Grandstanding Deals

Trump’s political victory in keeping Carrier and Ford plants from moving out of the country should not be confused with an economic victory. Trade is a critical component of any economy, but we are addressing the location of a plant. 

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Karma, Demons, Small Stupid Steps and Facebook

Random thoughts GM’s effort to target Toyota’s  customers  in the midst of their record recall notice seems in poor taste, especially in light of the record amount of taxpayer money that is now supporting GM.  This is like the arrogant

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Observations from the Road

I just completed a 600 mile drive from Bloomington, Indiana after visiting with my daughter at IU for her birthday.  Some thoughts on the ride home: America is obese.  As a rule I pick a restaurant by looking at the

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Bailout Backlash

It was easy to predict that the Cash for Clunkers would only drive up sales very temporarily as the expense of future sales.  Recent results have verified the sharp dropoff in auto sales when the program ended. It was also

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