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The Limits of Good Intentions

“Good intentions are fine, but good intentions and a $27 trillion economy will get you a lot farther than good intentions alone.”

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Supply, Demand, and Finance

Kevin Williamson follows in the footsteps of Henry Hazlitt in his clarity of economic and political issues. Like Hazlitt he is not a professionally trained economist, but brings a writer’s clarity to the subject.  I have probably excerpted him more

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Known and Unknown Risks

No government policy can remove the risk of investment; the best they can do is not add to the risks by adding uncertainty to the environment. The reason that strangers from all over the country will congregate to a blackjack

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Catering to Deceit

I use a money management firm, Banyan Capital Management , owned and run by Gary Watkins.  Douglas Ott, II  is a portfolio manager for Banyan, and like Gary is a real student of the market.  I have been very satisfied

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Financial Regulation: The Solution is the Problem

George Melloan writes in The Wall Street Journal,  The Lessons of Basel’s Bean Counters Summarized: In 1988 the banking regulators from  20 leading industrial nations of the International Monetary Fund met in Switzerland and created Basel I to create a

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