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How to Kill the #MeToo Movement

Corroborating witnesses, due process, and timely reporting are still necessary.  This is difficult in such matters because the abuse is usually committed in private.  But without these norms guilt and innocence become arbitrary and the entire legal system become a tool for personal and political abuse. Yes, some of the guilty will go free and unpunished, but that is a price we pay for the presumption of innocence.

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Government and The Golden Rule

“But it is time for our bureaucrats — before they engage in partisan expression or partisan giving — to ask, “What would a reasonable partisan opponent think of my conduct?” It’s time for bureaucrats to apply a governmental version of the Golden Rule. Should I inflict on others the kinds of suspicions that I’d feel myself if the roles were reversed?”

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Sanctimonious Abuse of Power

from Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ, Comey’s Secret Power: Mr. Comey’s meddling has never seemed to stem from some hidden partisan impulse, but rather from an overweening self-righteousness. But power can be misused as much in the hands of the

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