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A New Unfairness

In National Review George Will reviews the new dystopian novel, The Mandibles: A Family, 2029–2047, by Lionel Shriver from the novel: “The state starts moving money around. A little fairness here, little more fairness there. . . . Eventually social democracies all arrive at the…

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Koch on Cronyism

Daniel McCoy interviews Charles Koch for the Wichita Business Journal I think one of the biggest problems we have in the country is this rampant cronyism where all these large companies are into smash-and-grab, short-term profits, (saying) how do I…

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An Obsession with Fairness

Suppose you had no job and no investments.   All of your assets existed in your checking account.  The only tax you paid was a six per cent sales tax.  A friend of yours has a job and pays 25% income…

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The Four Elements of a Free Market

“Could free markets have sorted out the mess without extraordinary government action? Yes, but only by destroying the remains of the financial system and possibly putting tens of millions of people out of work. Despite virulent public opposition to the…

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