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The Age of Anger Algorithms

“We all like being told not merely that our opinions are reasonable but also that we’re the only group left standing between America and an imminent socialist or fascist hellscape.”

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The Resistance is the Establishment

The belief in a ‘general will’ or the ‘people’s will’ is a myth. It is the calling card of the progressives as well as the socialists and Mussolini’s brand of fascism. We are a collection of interests and factions and the constitution is a system to balance those interests, not to ignore them or oppress them.

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Politics and Profits

From Thomas Donlan At Barron’s, Trump’s CEOs: In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (I like the title in the print edition better, There’s No Profit in Politics) Business executives as a group rarely show the kind of sophistication that the…

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Will Liberty Control Factions ?

from Roger Kimball at The Wall Street Journal. Since Men Aren’t Angels: Madison, Hamilton and other supporters of the Constitution worried about the potential incursions of federal power just as much as did the anti-Federalists, who opposed adopting the Constitution…

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A Tyranny of Factions

From Robert Samuelson at The Washington Post, A Scarcity of Economic Growth excerpt: The causes of the productivity collapse are unclear. Some economists say that productivity isn’t measured properly — Internet benefits are allegedly undercounted. Other economists contend that U.S.…

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