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Europe Needs Doughnut Shops

Europe is at a crossroads of slow economic growth from a post war period of regulation and high taxes and the creation of a new growing underclass of immigrants that are not being absorbed. Avoiding the ensuing financial, social and political costs is unimaginable. England embraced Brexit for several reasons; most often stated was the loss of sovereignty and control of their destiny. They may simply be the first to leave a sinking ship.

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The True Function of the Corporate Income Tax

From Holman Jenkins at The WSJ, Harmonize this Eurocrats,  What about the undoubted problem of companies like Apple shielding their globally earned profits behind a small country’s friendly tax regime? There’s a remarkably sanitary solution: Get rid of the corporate

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Patriotism and Nationalism

Charles Cooke at National Review comments  in The Brexit Vote Was Just the Beginning In our present climate, it is customary for cosmopolitan sorts to accuse anybody who dissents from the European project of being an unreconstructed “nationalist.” Insofar as this

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Why the European Union is Coming Undone

from a bit of a July Fourth Rant by Victor Davis Hanson in The National Review – Liberal Frankensteins July 1, 2011 The European Union is unwinding for two very simple reasons. First, it is not a constitutional state, but

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