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The Progressive Roots of Eugenics

Progressives believed in progress unmoored from permanent principles, and unrestrained from the constitutional limits of government power.Early progressives believed science would replace politics and religion.

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The Warrenberg Laws

#MeToo competes with #BLM for the Oppression Oscar.   The end game of identity politics is not inclusion, but exclusion.  Identity politics and its ugly stepchild, political correctness, are used to justify violence just as it did in Germany.  Irony is lost on those who call this behavior antifascist. 

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The Great Progressive Fallacy

from Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek (highly recommended) , a quote from Robert Higgs: Nothing has done more to render modern economic theory a sterile and irrelevant exercise in autoeroticism than its practitioners’ obsession with mathematical, general-equilibrium models.  Not only

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