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The Morality Tax

“Because Sweden is well-governed, it treats its tax regime as a question of revenue rather than a question of so-called social justice…”

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The Counterproductive Estate Tax

by Henry Oliner
The estate tax is less of a transfer from the rich to the poor than it is a transfer from one group of wealthy to other wealthy special interests.  The great beneficiaries of estate taxes are tax lawyers and accountants, insurance companies, and wealthier businesses who use the pressure of the estate taxes to acquire other firms and grow larger.

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The Cost of a High Estate Tax

From The NYT and economist Greg Mankiw,  Why Taxing Fairly Means Not Taxing Inheritances: Excerpt: But there is one thing that everyone can agree on: The estate tax you owe should not depend substantially on the exact moment you happen

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Observations 2013 03 06

Some Observations: I saw a Foxnews story that the sales of very high end luxury cars is booming.  I have stated that high estate taxes encourages conspicuous consumption.  If you are going to give a large portion of your accumulated wealth away,

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A Tax on Virtue

I recall the response of Richard Timberlake, the noted PhD economist, when someone asked him if he was an Austrian economist, a monetary economist or a Keynesian economist.  He responded that there is bad economics and good economics. Good economics

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Collateral Damage to the Poor

Steve Landsberg, author of The Armchair Economist (a worthy read) writes in The Wall Street Journal How the Death Tax Hurts the Poor – It encourages the rich to pick extra fruit, leaving the trees a little barer for the rest

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