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Facing the Limits of the Administrative State

This leads to a rethinking of the Administrative State in line with lessons learned and new thinking on how such organizations function.  Regulators are OK for executing clear laws, but terrible at designing systems and regulations  to advance unproven political theories.

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Pal Review

This is the consequence of political consensus ruling over scientific inquiry. Scientific objectivity is thwarted by intellectual McCarthyism. Dissent is demonized, careers are destroyed. It is more like religious fanaticism than science. Yet they have been able to brand the right with the pejorative of being anti-science. Moral superiority justifies illiberalism. Obvious conflicts of interests are ignored.

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Biogenic Carbon

Old MacDonald Had a . . . Climate Offender, from Bruce Dale at The Wall Street Journal A basic fact about agricultural products such as grains and oilseeds is that the carbon in them, called biogenic carbon, came from the

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The Dangers of Comprehensive Reform

In 1991 our company received a letter from the EPA that we were a ‘PRP’ which stands for a ‘Potentially Responsible Party’ for an environmental cleanup near Tampa, Florida. In 1980 Congress passed the act which created the Superfund, which

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