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Political Realities

Progress emanates from the work of a very few, unpredictably and contrary to conventional wisdom. The protection of freedom and individual rights for these few benefits us all more than the rights accruing only to the majority.

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Entitlement and Gratitude

“The American Founding’s glory is that those English colonists took their cousins’ tradition, purified it into a political ideology, and extended it farther than the English ever dreamed. “

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Tax Thoughts 2017 12 21

The Democrats must be in a catch 22 with this bill; the limitation of state income and property taxes will more than offset the lower STATUTORY rates and many of the wealthiest will see an EFFECTIVE tax increase. Most of the benefits go to the middle and lower tax brackets.

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Entitlements for the Non Poor

“The data reveal just how far entitlements have departed from their original purpose of providing a measure of security from economic destitution among the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed and to alleviate poverty among the general population. In 2015, 62 percent of recipient households, encompassing over 100 million U.S. residents, had incomes that were above the poverty line prior to the receipt of assistance. “

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The High Cost of Good Intentions – A Book Review

The result of this history is that entitlements have expanded far beyond assisting the poor. Many of the benefits go to beneficiaries far above the poverty line. Congress has proven totally untrustworthy in managing surpluses or trust funds or maintaining a sound financial basis.   The explosion in entitlements is the primary driver of the post-World War II debts.

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The Difficulty of Entitlement Reform

by Henry Oliner I have begun reading The High Cost of Good Intentions-  A History of U.S. Federal Entitlement Programs by John F. Cogan.  It is an impressive look at the problem. Entitlements go back to the Revolutionary War. Limited

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