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Elitism and Democracy

from Why democracy can’t be democratic all the way down – and why it matters by Ilya Somin in The Washington Post: One of the standard rationales for the idea that we have a duty to obey democratically enacted laws

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Free to Think

“People cannot think unless they are free to think. Government rules and regulations literally prevent thought and prevent experimentation. A free market is a massive experiment in competing ideas, the most productive of which win out. Most of the experiments

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Between the Elitists and the Populists

We faced a financial collapse that was brought about by a toxic blend of public sector and private sector policies designed by some of the most educated in our country.  It is not surprising that a different candidate such as

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Ruled by Parasites

The following was a reader’s comment to my article in American Thinker, “Why Elitists Fail“ Human beings can exist in one of only two modes: by controlling nature, or by controlling those who control nature. Those in the first category

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Why Voters Rejected Elitism

From “Why Elitists Fail” in American Thinker, January 30, 2010 Even the brightest minds cannot escape emotional impediments to a rational conclusion. Combining such emotional rationalism with a focus on theories detached from the verification of practical experience can be

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Descending into Elitism

Camille Paglia steps aside from the sycophants and holds her own party accountable for its elitist attitudes.  Read her whole article in Salon here. Excerpts: I just don’t get it. Why the insane rush to pass a bill, any bill,

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