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Fighting the Natural Progress of Liberty

The more I read and learn about the Koch brothers the more I like, and the more I detest the vile demonizations from the likes of Harry Reid and his ilk, who are so intellectually bankrupt that all they can muster is personal attacks on the people who actually create the wealth he tries so hard to destroy.

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The Left, The Right, and Israel

Alan Dershowitz writes in The Jerusalem Post The death of a liberal Israel lover, 2/4/13, thoughts on Ed Koch and the changing politics of Israel supporters. Excerpts: When Israel was established in 1948, it had the enthusiastic backing of the…

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Why The Jews Matter to Obama

The special election in New York to replace Twitter pervert Anthony Weiner is proving interesting.  It is not surprising that in a heavily Democratic district in New York that the Jewish vote would come to play.  It may be surprising…

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