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The Essence of Identity Politics

from Ed Driscoll and The Rise of the John Birch Left The modern left is built around a trio of laudable principles: protecting the environment is good, racism is bad, and so is demonizing a person over his or her

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Intellectuals at Room Tempreature

via Ed Driscoll at PJ Media, “Intellectuals Cannot Operate At Room Temperature” Quoting Thomas Sowell: There’s something Eric Hoffer said: “Intellectuals cannot operate at room temperature.” There always has to be a crisis–some terrible reason why their superior wisdom and

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Noble Cause Corruption

from Ed Driscoll in PJ Media, Earth in the Grubering As the Watts Up With That blog notes: Our critics sometimes dismiss skeptics as “conspiracy theorists” noting how unlikely it would be that thousands of  scientists would collude.   They miss the point. 

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