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Reconciling Flaws with Success

Even supporters have trouble reconciling Trumps flaws with his success.  Half of Trump supporters like him as he is, and half just like him more than the Jacobins running for the Democratic slots.  They prefer Trump’s character flaws to the bad ideas of the Democrats which pour forth uncontrollably.  The mobocracy fo the Kavanaugh hearing scares them more.

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The FANGs are Old News

Great moves forward, disruptive ground changing innovations do not happen consistently. They do not adhere to a plan or a budget.  The best we can do is create an environment that does not stifle them,  that attracts the bright and the motivated, but we do not know if they come from great tax policies, cultural collusion, ethnic diversity, great education, or just an environment of free thinkers.

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The New Challenge of a Growing Economy

Most do not realize that we have not yet paid the bill for the recession and the Obama spending. Obama depended on the Keynesian multiplier to stimulate the economy. It failed because too many other friction costs counteracted it; including higher taxes, increased regulations, and a generally unfriendly business climate in DC. Even without these friction costs, the benefit of the multiplier is limited. 

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Economic Growth and Inequality

Lawrence J. Haas reviews “The Retreat of Western Liberalism” by Edward Luce in The WSJ How does this growing inequality affect the liberal project? “Liberal democracy’s strongest glue is economic growth,” Mr. Luce argues. “When groups fight over the fruits…

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Feldstein on Growth

Martin Feldstein writes The U.S. Underestimates Growth in The Wall Street Journal: Americans are enjoying faster real income growth than the official statistics indicate, but we can achieve even faster growth with more capital accumulation, increased labor-force participation, and greater innovation that…

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