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Der Sturmer Times

If it had appeared in Breitbart or a similar political tilt, the airwaves would be jammed with condemnations and no apology would suffice. Its proximity in time to the recent shooting at the Chabad in Poway near San Diego would have made it unforgivable.  That is how the New York Times treated far less offensive remarks from Republicans;  Sarah Palin’s use of the word ‘cross hairs’ in a political speech was enough to blame her for the Gabby Giffords shooting.

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The Price of Rage

by Henry Oliner One of a few themes that I return to in this blog is the fascination with poor decisions from very intelligent people. It has led me from  reading history to reading about the way we think and

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The Third Commandment

from There Is a ‘Worst Sin’: Evil in God’s Name by Dennis Prager in The National Review When an irreligious person commits evil, it doesn’t bring God and religion into disrepute. But when a religious person commits evil in God’s

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Tolerating the Intolerant

Jay Nordlinger writes in The National Review, The Nazi card & c Excerpts: There are people in the world like Nazis: Saddam Hussein’s Baath party; the Assads’ Baath party; the Iranian dictatorship; Hezbollah; Hamas. And you know? Democrats such as

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The Heart vs Wisdom

The wise — as opposed to most of the highly educated — know, among many other things, that when you give people something for nothing, you produce ungrateful people; that when you obscure the differences between men and women, you

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The Torah of Liberalism

“Despite their secularism, Jews may be the most religious ethnic group in the world. The problem is that their religion is rarely Judaism; rather it is every  ”ism” of the left. .. It is therefore usually as hard to shake

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