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The Fourth Branch of Government

“During my 12 years in government I often saw career bureaucrats push their preferred policy passions irrespective of agencies’ rules, federal regulations or the law.”

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A Nice Vague Enemy

from Word Games by Kevin Williamson in National Review Before the neocons were the neocons, they were in more fanciful minds “the Illuminati.” For Henry Ford, the neocon was “the international Jew.” (The Stalinists called them “rootless cosmopolitans,” a term recently revived

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How to Properly Dismantle the Deep State

From National Review, Jonah Goldberg, Down with the Administrative State: Deconstructing the administrative state is a kind of nightingale’s song for many intellectual conservatives, particularly my friends in the Claremont Institute’s orbit. It’s been great fun watching mainstream journalists, who

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The Threat of Economic Nationalism

From National Review, Jonah Goldberg, Down with the Administrative State: Rich Lowry and I have been going back and forth on nationalism vs. patriotism quite a bit. I’m not going to revisit all of that because it’s already gotten way too

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