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Political Observations 2022 01 14

Identify politics was doomed from the start and we are about to watch it unwind.  We will discover that people are more than their race or sexual identity.  Zogby noted years ago the car in your driveway and that balance in your 401k was a more accurate predictor of your vote than your race or sex.  The left’s obsession with race and identity does not affect the conditions most voters face.

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Doubling Down on a Losing Hand

This is the narcissism of minor differences.  We will react more strongly to disagreement within our tribe than a greater threat from outside the tribe. Sunnis and Shiites; Catholics and Protestants.

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Media Malpractice.

It is not news that big media is politically biased.  The recent Netanyahu election was predicted to be close if not actually a defeat for the leader. He won by a substantial margin. That they were so wrong in their…

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