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Non Judgmental Subsidies

Dan Mitchell quotes Thomas Sowell in his blog International Liberty,  in Crime, Riots, Race, and the Welfare State Excerpt: Such trends are not unique to blacks, nor even to the United States. The welfare state has led to remarkably similar…

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Big Spender Analysis

from Dan Mitchel at his blog- International Liberty- Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Barack Obama (Surprisingly) Is Not the Biggest Spender of All. It turns out that Obama supposed frugality is largely the result of how TARP is measured in…

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Criminalizing The Hiring Process

Dan Mitchell writes The Perverse Unintended Consequences of Anti-Discrimination Laws in his blog International Liberty February 23, 2013 Excerpt: And if there are two applicants who otherwise seem to have equal qualifications for a certain job, but one has been out…

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A Thousand Words on Class Warfare

tips to Dan Mitchell at International Liberty

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Worthy Reads 2012 06 01

How Did Paul Krugman Get it So Wrong? by John Cochrane Krugman wants people to swallow his arguments whole from his authority, without demanding logic, or evidence.  Those who disagree with him, alas, are pretty smart and have pretty good arguments…

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