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The Entrepreneur And Credit Markets

In contrast to Marx’s automaton capitalist or (Alfred) Marshall’s owner-engineer, the entrepreneur distinguished himself by a willingness to “destroy old patterns of thought and action” and redeploy existing resources in new ways.  Innovation meant overcoming obstacles, inertia, and resistance.  Exceptional…

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Too Much Safety is Unsafe

Companies and investors hardly need more bureaucrats looking over their shoulders trying to guess what they are doing right or wrong. They need room to maneuver so they can adjust or change their strategies as quickly as possible whenever there…

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Profits, not Credit, is the Key to a Recovery

Obama is now pressuring the banks to make loans to stimulate the economy.  Yet again we have the government creating a crisis and then blaming the private sector. The banks are in the business if making loans. They should not…

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A Sleeping Liquidity Monster

There are a few indisputable changes in our economy. Credit is tightening. Generally this is good because  lending standards, whether to individuals to buy homes, or to real estate developers or other businesses, were way too lax.  Marginal businesses will…

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