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The Unwritten Constitution

From The Atlantic, How American Politics Went Insane by Jonathan Rauch The Constitution makes no mention of many of the essential political structures that we take for granted, such as political parties and congressional committees. If the Constitution were all we had,…

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Democracy and Freedom

by Henry Oliner “It would seem that reasonable people ought to be able to get together and get things done.” This seemingly obvious and innocuous statement, a statement of pragmatic democracy, underlies the frustration voters feel and why they think…

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Is Democracy a Threat to Liberty?

from zpolitics’ Ron Hart,  AMERICA’S TWO-PARTY SYSTEM IS CRACKING UP Within the Democratic Party, which historically enforces party discipline with draconian measures, there is also a split. Secular progressives, led by Bernie Sanders, want to see this country become socialist.…

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Finding the GOP Voice

from the Wall Street Journal,  Ending the Filibuster Would Hand Progressives a Huge Victory by Ben Sasse Conservatives might be tempted to curtail minority rights for supposedly conservative policies, but that’s playing with fire. Any short-term political gain from undoing the…

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Children of Legislatures

from Charles C.W. Cooke in The National Review, Our Presidents Are Beginning to Act Like Kings As Thomas Jefferson had it, “the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” There are no new…

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