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Petty Little Tyrants

It is the illiberalism of the left that should be marginalized. This obsession with white privilege is ludicrous. Those who decry Amy Wax and Charles Murray as racists are just narrow-minded idiots. Those who dwell on people rather than ideas have small and weak minds. Those who dismiss a life’s work because of a single, questionable irrelevant comment, in or out of context, are petty little tyrants.

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Identity Headwinds

Historians refer to the period between 1890 and 1920 and the Progressive Era, but the Democrats frequently and currently use ‘progressive’ as a prefix to ‘Democrat’.  Interviewed by Chis Matthews, candidate Hillary Clinton referred to herself as a Progressive Democrat…

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Economics and Culture

Victor Davis Hanson writes Culture Still Matters in The National Review 5/31/12. Excerpt: But government-driven efforts to change national behavior often ignore stubborn cultural differences that reflect centuries of complex history as well as ancient habits and adaptations to geography…

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Cultural Correlations

A few weeks ago I posted an article on the Rebel Yid Facebook Page by local columnist Charles Richardson, Tripping Over Stereotypes.  It addressed a comment from Rick Santorum that assumed that most welfare recipients were black, even in Iowa…

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