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The Justice of Citizens United

In National Review Kevin Williamson writes The Book Burners. Citizens United, he reminds us, was about much more than big money in politics.  It was about denying the government the right to ban books and media.  It was about the

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How Democracy is Supposed to Work

from Jonah Goldberg at National Review, The Bogeymen of the ‘Billionaire Class’: And yet, to listen to countless pundits and politicians, we live in an oligarchy now. Clinton, who benefits from no fewer than five super PACs, thinks the Citizens United

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Disavowing Citizens United

from National Review, Hillary’s Rationale for Opposing Citizens United Fell Apart in Last Week’s Debate By asserting that she can take money from these groups, including honorary fees to spend as she sees fit for personal rather then political benefit, and

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Very Selective Outrage over Citizens United

From Mark Hemingway in Reason Magazine, When Open Government Slams Shut: excerpt: Consider the case of organized labor. For all of the Democratic Party’s grandstanding about campaign finance transparency, documenting their biggest fund raising source turns out to be difficult

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