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Cruelty in Deeds vs Words

“And as far as his demonstrable crudity and uncouthness, the hearings showed that the Democrats were far crueler and crass in deed than Trump was in word. So perhaps half of the small minority of Republican Never Trumpers, in horror at the Antifa tactics of the Democrats, retreated to the old adage of “hang together or hang separately.”

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Kavanaugh Postscript

Both sides think the results will improve their turnout. Women who have experienced abuse are sympathetic to Ford’s testimony, but I believe that the Kavanaugh victory is moving more votes left to right than the other way. The mob is a greater threat than an imperfect judicial process to most voters.

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The Private and the Public

The cause, which is usually a permanently revolutionary one, always matters more than any individual’s possible innocence. You are, in fact, always guilty before being proven innocent. You always have to prove a negative. And no offense at any point in your life is ever forgotten or off the table.”

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The Boxer Standard

The willingness to compromise critical institutions is a great threat to our nation.  In the absence of these institutions we are left with nothing but government and arbitrary power.  Justice is the first victim.

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Belief is Not Justice

If there was ever a case to be made that politics has replaced religion as the preferred faith of the left it is the use of the word ‘believe’ in determining legal liability. They believe because they want to believe.  They want to believe the opposition is so sinister and evil that no evidence is required.

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