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Who are the Independents?

In the wake of the elections  of November 3, 2008 we noted the dramatic swing of the independent voter.  Who are these voters and why do they refuse to ally themselves with one of the two major parties?  I confess

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Financial Regulation: The Solution is the Problem

George Melloan writes in The Wall Street Journal,  The Lessons of Basel’s Bean Counters Summarized: In 1988 the banking regulators from  20 leading industrial nations of the International Monetary Fund met in Switzerland and created Basel I to create a

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Failing to Learn from Failure

The financial crisis was deemed a failure of capitalism. Yet very little is said of the government’s role in creating the crisis.  Commentators lament the deregulation, but omit specific regulations and policies that caused the crisis. Milton Friedman accurately noted

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What Did Not Cause the Financial Collapse

With the clarity of time we can look back at the brink of the collapse that hit us just prior to the last national election.  In the midst of the collapse we were stunned and angry, and tended to blame

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A Moral Culprit

There are those who see our financial problem as a moral failure. In one sense it is, but not in the sense those who wish to frame it in moral tones believe. To blame greed for the meltdown is simplistic

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