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Poorly Suited for Central Planning

from National Review and Jay Cost,  Congress Wasn’t Designed to Handle Tax Policy To put it bluntly, Congress is not well suited for national economic planning, which is basically what pro-growth tax policies boil down to. As a matter of fact,

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Better Economic Policy Trumps Grandstanding Deals

Trump’s political victory in keeping Carrier and Ford plants from moving out of the country should not be confused with an economic victory. Trade is a critical component of any economy, but we are addressing the location of a plant. 

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The Limits of Political Power

from Kevin Williamson at National Review, People Aren’t Widgets Though they disagree, politicians in Beijing and Washington both think they know what the renminbi should be worth. Until Thursday, Chinese authorities thought they knew how much shares on the Chinese

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An Ad Agency for Central Planning

Kevin Williamson writes The Unmanageable Man in The National Review. Excerpt: This is a particularly acute problem for the Left, because central planning, variously mutated, is at the center of the Left’s political program. With the collapse of Marxism as a bedrock

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The Authoritarian Defense

Kevin Williamson writes The Unmanageable Man in The National Review. Excerpt: The responsibility of conservatives is to draw ever nearer to reality. And one unpleasant aspect of our current reality is that the pain the Left is feeling as its planning ambitions

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