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Does Stimulus Work?

The government has spent trillions to stimulate the economy. Interest rates are at a record low. Yet American businesses are sitting on top of trillions of dollars of cash, reluctant to spend any of it to grow or hire.  Does

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Worse than a Tax Increase

Two of my favorite economics blogs are Carpe Diem and Calafia Beach Pundit. Both are rich with information and perspectives from professional and experienced economists. For months both of these writers have highlighted numerous indicators that the economy is bottoming

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Left Handed Optimism

Sometimes optimism and contrarianism can complement each other.   Here is a thought. The health care bill is so unpopular and causing such outrage that other damaging proposals like the Union Card Check bill and Cap and Trade may have no

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Union Compromise is No Victory for Business

The card check bill which would have allowed unions to win the right to represent without an election is being modified in hopes of gaining passage. Originally the bill eliminated the secret ballot, allowing the union a victory by just

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