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The Difficulty of Measuring Inequality

from The Inequality Hype by Neil Gilbert in The American Interest: However as Richard Burkhauser pointed out in his presidential address to the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, the market income of a tax unit is a poor…

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Capital Destruction

From the Wall Street Journal – A Capital Gains Primer. Excerpts: Far from being a loophole, the low tax rate applied to capital gains is beneficial and fair for several reasons. First, under current tax rules, all gains from investments…

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The Other Side of the Social Contract

While our political conversation should be focused on the deficit and unemployment, or the size and role of the government in our lives, we have been distracted by rhetoric on fairness and the wealthy. We are mislead by extreme examples…

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What Business People are Thinking

When I am not blogging and I am running my business here is what I am thinking. If the health care requirements will only affect businesses with 50 or more employees, is it possible for me to shed 12 employees…

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