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The United States Fiscal Policy as an Example to Avoid

Tips to Mark Perry at Carpe Diem for pointing to this speech given by Canadian Parliament member Pierre Poilievre.  We Americans think we get the capitalist thing right but we clearly have something to learn from our neighbor to the…

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Housing Sanity is Just Due North

Economist Mark Perry writes in The American in 2/26/2010 Due North: Canada’s Marvelous Mortgage and Banking System. Excerpts: And this recent financial crisis isn’t the first time that Canada’s banking system showed greater signs of stability and less exposure to…

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The Canadian Lesson on Sound Banking

The default belief  of our economic history of the last 100 years has been an acceptance of the dynamic growth of capitalism punctuated by excesses of market greed that have to be corrected by the singular wisdom of government regulation.…

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Jobs in the Sand

While we restrain oil production in this country, Canada is tapping their resource with new found vigor. Mary Anastasia O’Grady writes in the 9/12/2011 Wall Street Journal, Canada’s Oil Sands Are a Jobs Gusher. Excerpt: Having spent an hour the…

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Canada Gets It

At a time when we require a cosmic struggle just to NOT raise taxes, our neighbor to the north is cutting taxes on corporations to a rate almost half of ours.  In the Wall Street Journal’s Canada Slashes Business Levies…

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What Did Not Cause the Financial Collapse

With the clarity of time we can look back at the brink of the collapse that hit us just prior to the last national election.  In the midst of the collapse we were stunned and angry, and tended to blame…

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