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The Opposite of Stock Repurchases

While we need to be concerned about the financial condition of essential industries, we should not lose sight of the need to be concerned with the financial condition of the nation they want to bail them out.

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Thoughts on Buybacks

When CEO bonuses were paid in 2008 after the bailouts America was justifiably outraged and it is reasonable to include conditions to avoid this outcome again.  It is equally outrageous and irresponsible to load this bill with unrelated political swag and enforce long term changes in corporate governance and other purely political agendas in order to address a very short-term set of problems.

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QE Distortions

From The Wall Street Journal, The Fed Has Hurt Business Investment by Michael Spence and Kevin Warsh; During the past five years earnings of the S&P 500 have grown about 6.9% annually. As the table nearby shows the current profit

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