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Patriotism and Nationalism

Charles Cooke at National Review comments  in The Brexit Vote Was Just the Beginning In our present climate, it is customary for cosmopolitan sorts to accuse anybody who dissents from the European project of being an unreconstructed “nationalist.” Insofar as this…

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The Twilight of the Elite

National Review has developed a stable of the most insightful writers of the conservative movement. I have long been a fan of Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson and Charles Cooke,  David French has joined this elite group in my view. David…

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Democracy and Brexit

from the editors at National Review, Reflections on the Shock of Brexit If most of the expected shocks haven’t materialized, what about the shock that has? As several commentators, from Megan McArdle in The Atlantic to Rupert Darwall in National Review,…

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Ambitious Failure

from National Review, Theodore Dalrymple writes Islam’s Nightclub Brawl to explain why such violent jihadists (interesting that spell check for jihadists comes up ‘sadists’) come from Britain. Excerpts: Are there more British jihadis, for example, because the condition of Muslims in Britain…

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