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Political Observations 2022 01 14

Identify politics was doomed from the start and we are about to watch it unwind.  We will discover that people are more than their race or sexual identity.  Zogby noted years ago the car in your driveway and that balance in your 401k was a more accurate predictor of your vote than your race or sex.  The left’s obsession with race and identity does not affect the conditions most voters face.

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The Georgia Election Reform Reader

Jim Crow? Really? Are you too lazy to actually read the bill or too intellectually bankrupt to get beyond pejorative fundraising slogans?

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Why Was It Even Close?

His combative tone is welcomed by his supporters and hated by the opposition.  He is solidifying his base and turning his reluctant supporters into committed supporters, but Trump is less effective at getting new supporters.  

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Victims of Their Own Success – Election Night 2018 11 06

Trump is puzzling; his errant tone and behavior has energized his base and his opposition. I do not believe that he is racist or the next Hitler, but his thoughtless comments certainly gives fodder to those that require a demon to define themselves. The real question is how it impacts the independents. The uncivil mob behavior of the left concerns many of the independents more than the thoughtless comments of Trump.

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