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The Right Economic Mix

Brian Domitrovic’s Econoclasts writes of the rise of supply side economics as proposed by Nobel prize winning economist Robert Mundell and his intellectual emissaries, most notably Arthur Laffer. The core of Mundell’s theory was that monetary policy should do only…

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Laffer and Krugman

In Econoclasts author Brian Domitrovic chronicles the rise of the supply side revolution, the economic prescription that ended the stagflation of the 1970’s and sparked a strong economic growth that lasted over 20 years. Arthur Laffer, of the famous Laffer…

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Understanding W’s Economic Failure

Brian Domitrovic’s Econoclasts documents the rise, implementation and success of the supply side economic theories that launched the Reagan revolution. The theory that developed from Robert Mundell and is often associated with Arthur Laffer, generally states that a policy of…

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