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Kerry’s Orwellian Peace Initiative

from the editors of the Wall Street Journal, Kerry’s Rage Against Israel We recite this history to show that it’s not for lack of U.S. diplomacy that there is no peace—and that mishandled diplomacy has a way of encouraging Palestinian violence.

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Hypocrisy Unlimited

Jeff Jacoby writes in the Boston Globe Obama’s hypocritical attack on Netanyahu excerpts: But even after four and a half years, there has been no apology from Barack Obama for his inflammatory remarks just before the 2010 election, when he exhorted Latinos to

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Media Malpractice.

It is not news that big media is politically biased.  The recent Netanyahu election was predicted to be close if not actually a defeat for the leader. He won by a substantial margin. That they were so wrong in their

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Hopes, Dreams, and 10,000 Missiles

From Benjamin Netanyanu’s speech at the UN on 9/23/11 per the Weekly Standard. These people say to me constantly: Just make a sweeping offer, and everything will work out. You know, there’s only one problem with that theory. We’ve tried it

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The Moral Equivalency of Thomas Friedman

I confess that I do not count myself among the Thomas Friedman sycophants.  I have read some of his books and I just find him trying so hard to be “intellectually balanced” that he often ignores the obvious and the

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