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Progressives, Libertarians, and Conservatives

by Henry Oliner The Libertarian believes that fundamentally man is driven by economic self-interest.  Ironically, socialists are driven by the same belief in the fundamental motivation of man. Progressives and Libertarians are driven to quite different responses to this belief.

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Ideology Separates from Political Parties

From National Review’s Kevin Williamson, Progressives Without Power: Beginning with the nomination of Barry Goldwater and thanks in no small part to the efforts of many men associated with this magazine, the Republican party spent half a century as a

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The Birth and Reaction to Social Engineering

From The Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti writes Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual.  This is an excellent summary of the history of the conservative movement in American Politics, and should be read in its entirety. The 1964 election also empowered

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An Organic Entity

George Gilder writes Unleash the Mind in National Review.  It is from his soon to be released update of his classic Wealth and Poverty. ( I have already preordered on Amazon.) Excerpt: America’s wealth is not an inventory of goods;

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