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The Progressive Horsemen of Inequality

“We know public schools have failed because more than half of new students at community colleges require remedial courses in math, English or both. “

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The Other Side of the Argument

Science and politics mixes as well as religion and politics.  Politics puts science in a box; but science functions best best when there is no damn box.  Healthy skepticism is demonized.  The strength of an argument can be measured in its tolerance of and response to dissent.

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Handcuffing the Invisible Hand

Advocates of single payer and free benefits prove to be ignorant of the price system, profit, productivity and how they function.  While they claim to allocate resources better than the ‘greed’ of the market (a claim easy to totally refute), they are clueless on how the wealth is generated in the first place.

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Clarifying Capitalism

From Andy Kessler in The Wall Street Journal, Quit Modifying Capitalism (paywall) State Sponsored Capitalism (China) Casino Capitalism (Bernie Sanders) Sustainable Capitalism (Al Gore) Patrimonial Capitalism (Piketty) Surveillance Capitalism ( new one for me-  Ivy League origin) Popular Capitalism Conscious Capitalism (John…

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