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Illiberal Ideology Brings Illiberal Methods

“An advocate for unaccountable, totalitarian control of our society is the darling of every single elite institution in America, and is routinely given platforms where no tough questioning of him is allowed.  He is as dumb as Obama is smart; as crude as Obama is nuanced; as authoritarian as Obama is liberal.”

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Successor Ideology

Andrew shuns the authoritarianism of the GOP’s cult of personality and the illiberal squelching of opinion and commentary of the ‘woke’ left.  If the Democrats do not wrestle control from its illiberal woke element it only feeds the reactionary right. It is more important to stand for clearly articulated liberal principles than to define yourself by what you stand against.

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The Private and the Public

The cause, which is usually a permanently revolutionary one, always matters more than any individual’s possible innocence. You are, in fact, always guilty before being proven innocent. You always have to prove a negative. And no offense at any point in your life is ever forgotten or off the table.”

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The Content of Health Reform Matters More than the Ideological Labels

I am a fan of Fareed Zakaria and his CNN show “GPS”.  Today (April 4, 2010)  he had Tom Friedman (The World is Flat).  While I disagree with much  of Freidman, Zakaria allows different ideas to surface without the rudeness…

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