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Invoking the Tribal Instinct

From Robert Zubrin at Richochet, America Needs a Liberal Party: In his classic 1944 work, The Road to Serfdom, Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek, then living in exile in England, shocked readers with his diagnosis of Nazism. National socialism, he argued, was not

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Delusions Delay Solutions

The recount fiasco of Jill Stein, the fake news, the electoral college, the alternate right, James Comey, WikiLeaks, and now Russian hacking are all to blame for Hillary’s loss.  The integrity of the voters is also in question: racist, deplorable,

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Beware the Alternate Left

Al Sharpton’s incitement in Crown Heights in 1991 caused a pogrom in New York with several Jews attacked and one, Yankel Rosenbaum, killed. Another was killed who was thought to be Jewish, but was not. After a young black man,

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