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Will Liberty Control Factions ?

from Roger Kimball at The Wall Street Journal. Since Men Aren’t Angels: Madison, Hamilton and other supporters of the Constitution worried about the potential incursions of federal power just as much as did the anti-Federalists, who opposed adopting the Constitution

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Jefferson and Hamilton

From National Review, Hamilton and Jefferson: The Deserving and the Deserter, a fascinating comparison and myth busting comparison between Jefferson adn Hamilton by M.D. Aeschliman β€œThe Constitution did more than just tolerate slavery,” Chernow writes, β€œit actively rewarded it.” The

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Madison and Hamilton

For Madison, the ultimate goal of the new government was to balance different factions and produce public policy that was only in the public interest; for Hamilton, the goal was a vigorous government to spur the country on to national

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A Fantasy Nation

“What government ever uniformly consulted its true interests in opposition to the momentary exigencies? What nation was ever blessed with a constant succession of upright and wise administrators.” Alexander Hamilton

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